Money-Saving Tips for Seniors

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This week, the old codgers deliver money-saving tips for seniors. Their ideas range from simple practicality like always grocery shopping with a list that helps avoid wasteful impulse buying to saving money on books. Many senior citizens may already be using Richard’s suggestion to take public transit more often. Gary’s take on using food packing expiration dates more wisely might strike many as a bit risky but, it’s not. Done carefully, it’s a technique that can save money by not tossing out perfectly good food items.

Randy weighs in with several clever ideas and the codgers all agree we all need to monitor our cable TV bills more closely. Cars are a big expense in the budgets of many senior citizens and we offer a couple of automotive-related, money-saving tips for seniors. Join us as we drill down into other ways to save money in our golden years.

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2 comments on “Money-Saving Tips for Seniors

  1. jack turner says:

    All great ideas!!
    Loved your explanation for the bleeps!!
    My biggy for saving money: I payed a 20 year mortgage off in 8 years!–saved many thousands–doesn’t take much extra each month to make a huge difference at the end. Having no debt is my best money saving tactic (not to mention the peace of mind that comes with it).
    It chaps my hide every time I hear “the more you buy, the more you save”–are you kidding me, any time you are buying, you are not saving–what happened to “a penny saved is a penny earned”–we don’t need all that crap (and then storing all that crap costs more).
    Keep ’em coming

  2. jack turner says:

    Didn’t mean to imply that seniors are out applying for mortgages. “Senior” seems to start at 50 these days, so i’m sure that it does happen.
    Real message: retire debts when you can rather than buying more STUFF.

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